About Us

Welcome to Bugatti Hair Imports, founded by Mom and Daughter duo, Margret Pinesett and Vanetta Hankins in 2013.  After discovering  they were paying far to much for hair extensions that were not constant in quality, yet prices continued to increase. We decided to set out on our journey to find stylish but yet affordable hair extensions that would not shed or tangle that could be used for years with proper care. It made no since to us to purchase extension every time we needed a new install. With the cost of the extension and install it cost as much as one thousand dollars per install, totally ridiculous. After much research , trail and error we discovered we were paying the cost of 10 bundles for the 2.5-3 bundles every time we would purchase hair extension. We also discovered the raw bundles we were previously purchasing were beginning to become a mix of other things other than human hair, with a strange odor that I'm sure most of us have encountered, unacceptable.

After reaching out to several supplier in India, we finally discovered what we had been looking for, 100% human hair, single donor hair.  Hair clipped from the ponytail, when properly wefted would become beautiful natural extensions with no shedding or tangling that would last for years for less then a third of the price. After testing the hair out on ourselves, friend and family, stylist that we have worked with over the years, we decided to pass the good news and prices along to others. Human Hair Extension, no mix in between , no strange odor, shedding or tangling. Bugatti Hair Imports brings to raw Indian hair, absolutely no chemicals, Straight, wavy and curly.  Due to its natural state, all bundles can be styled as desired, even bleach and color.  With the proper care can last for many years. Welcome to the movement, try Bugatti Hair Imports for all your hair extension needs.